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About Evonne Hedgepeth

Education and Certifications


Education:  Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and Sexuality Education; M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision; B.S. in Psychology and History (magna cum laude).  Certifications (expired) in teaching and school administration and supervision.

Relevant Experience


Dr. Hedgepeth’s work as an educator began in the 1970s when she designed a high school sexuality education class highlighted in a national study as one of the “excellent” programs in the U.S.  Over the years, her work transitioned to teaching college classes and doing training for government agencies, businesses, health care facilities, schools, community organizations et al., tailored for teachers, trainers, staff, managers, parents, social workers, health educators, medical staff, and others.   

In 2005, Dr. Hedgepeth’s professional work, which had attracted a national and international audience, was sidetracked when her love of 30+ years, Andrew McMillan, was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  Evonne shifted her attention to helping Andy design and manage an “integrative” treatment program (combining conventional and alternative modalities) and served full-time as his social worker, medical secretary, nurse and legal advocate.

Evonne reaches Gulf of Mexico on  her odyssey

Both Andy and Evonne had been injured by chemical exposures earlier in their lives and developed multiple chemical sensitivities (also known as MCS, chemical injury and/or environmental illness), which complicated their daily lives and made their access to health care much more difficult.  But Andy enjoyed an extraordinarily high quality of life and professional work until 2014, when he succumbed to medical abandonment and errors at the age of 55. 


In 2015, Evonne undertook a solo, cross-country 8,000 mile “grief healing odyssey” in her Winnebago, camping "off the grid" (i.e., not in conventional campgrounds) and placing Andy’s ashes at places special to them in Utah, Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina, Oregon and the Gulf of Mexico.  

Her transformative life experiences before, during and after that trip are chronicled in three memoirs in progress (see Books) and photographs.