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What Clients and Colleagues Have Said about Evonne Hedgepeth


“. . . one of the most thought-provoking teachers I have ever known . . .  she presents a very  professional, yet very human, image . . .”     

Dr. Barbara Fuhrmann, Dean, College of Education, Louisiana State University

“Evonne politely but persistently pushed us to higher levels of awareness.” 

Bill Smith, colleague, Open High School, Richmond, Virginia

"Dr. Hedgepeth provided a safe and open forum for all participants… she was well prepared and able to present varied information and still keep the message clear and on track.  I am impressed with how Evonne was able to draw all attendees into the discussion.  I highly recommend her." 

Charles R. Benjamin, Executive Director, North Sound Regional  Services Network, Mount Vernon, Washington

“Evonne worked closely with our CME coordinator to develop a presentation for our medical staff on workplace diversity which was extremely well done. . . Her presentation style is engaging, interactive and non-threatening. She focuses on attitude self-assessment and skill-building, not just didactic information-giving.  She was extremely flexible in her approach, and adapted her presentation to meet (our) specific needs.   I recommend Evonne as a resource for your organization.”  

Pamela E. Roberts, CPMSM, Director, Medical Staff Services, Providence St. Peter Hospital, Olympia, Washington 


"Evonne Hedgepeth is able to  delineate issues clearly, provide precise, clear material on a crisp   timeline, while keeping everyone at ease in a respectful and thoughtful  atmosphere.   I highly recommend her work." 

Rhea Miller, San Juan County Commissioner, San Juan   Islands, WA

“I wish to express our appreciation for enhancing our respective knowledge base and contributing a highly informative presentation.  Thank you for taking your time to educate us, touch our hearts and make us become more aware of a population which is often overlooked and frequently misunderstood.  You made us think and understand.” 

Joann Freimund, Chair, Washington State Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council


“Evonne is  a superb educator who we have repeatedly used to assist our staff in pinpointing the causes of and cures for workplace prejudice.” 

Greg Devereux, Director, Washington Federation of State   Employees

“I have never  attended any training that was so thought-provoking, enlightening and handled  with such sensitivity.” 

Jim LaCour, Director, Human Resource Services, The Evergreen   State College, Olympia, Washington



“Evonne Hedgepeth brings important perspectives and awareness to our understanding. She is very  effective at presenting sensitive topics with the right balance of education  and human compassion. She also is very capable of sharing her teachings  across a variety of population groups.  I highly recommend her.” 

Eddie Rodriguez, Director, Access and   Opportunity, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services


 “Evonne, thank you for your  wonderful presentation, "Different Lenses, Different Visions." Your respectful approach made important   information accessible, clear, and wonderfully constructed to meet the needs of our participants. You made complex theory clear and applicable to our work  and culture.  It was a stimulating, timely, and scholarly presentation that  offered a helpful new perspective to bring back to our agencies. "

Michael  McGee, Director of Education, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, New   York City



“I am pleased to share with others how much I enjoyed working with Dr. Hedgepeth, and that she  is about serving the client.  Dr. Hedgepeth is a good listener who works  to understand the professional development needs that a training program  coordinator is trying to present.  I respect her for those efforts.” 

Terry Barber, Director of Professional Development, Association   of Washington School Principals, Olympia, WA


“Evonne knows more about teaching  and education than anyone I know… and she puts her knowledge to excellent use, helping others to become great educators!” 

Joan Helmich, Training Director, The Center for Health  Training, Seattle, Wa.


 “…one of the most  comprehensive human sexuality education workshops that I have ever attended.   I found Dr. Hedgepeth to be one of the finest trainers that I have ever come in contact with in my 33 years of education.  I immediately decided that (she) must  come to Kansas to serve the needs of our cadre of trainers.” 

Dr. Darrel Lang, Health and Physical Education, Kansas Department   of Education


“I highly recommend  this training.  In fact, we are bringing it to Michigan for our trainers this year.” 

Marty Doring,   Coordinator, Health and Drug Education, Bay City, Michigan

Cape Lookout Lighthouse,  Photo by Evonne Hedgepeth

Cape Lookout Lighthouse,  Photo by Evonne Hedgepeth